my head is standing underneath my puke (shrunkenhead) wrote,
my head is standing underneath my puke

attention, kiddies.

well, i originally had plans of leaving this piece of shit town in august- but the person i was moving for is now staying here in december so we can go to college together and all that shit. gonna be groovy. quite groovy indeed. ;)

questions i pose for my fellow friends :

1) where can i get a good job that doesn't involve shitty customers that don't speak english? right now i'm considering overnight stock, a dishwasher, or a telephone operator. does anyone know of hiring places that are decent? i'm on the look starting this week. (very prolonged mission.)

2) anyone want to hang out while i've gained all of this time on my hands? i don't care who it's with, or what we do. i miss some people, but it's hard to get past social anxiety and all that crap. i am trying to face this head on. and i'm sorry to those of you i've blocked out or ignored, but it's very hard to deal with sometimes.

3) can you obtain a college transcript with your grades on it after high school? will the high school still have this on record?

thanks, everyone.
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