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WOW!! i'm absolutely floored! a perfect circle was SOOO amazing tonight! DAMN! hehe.

first band : YEAR OF THE RABBIT
seven song set. vocalist highly sounds like a hybrid of gavin [bush] and kurt [nirvana]... and some song about him whining about how he wants to be adored really resembles silverchair. weird...

second band : A PERFECT CIRCLE
no shit.. i am so completley stunned with their performance. i can't believe it. god fucking DAMN.

in no order:

LULLABY: played before APC came on.. AND THERE THEY CAME!!!

VANISHING: this is what they opened with. the band was exposed, but maynard was behind a projector screen, and it had awesome spirals on it, and such an awesome effect, i wouldn't even know where to begin describing it... he played the bongos or some shit.

PET: this was performed well, i liked it a lot.. nothing was really special about it as far as lighting goes or anything.. but i'm glad that i heard it, because i love that song.

THE HOLLOW: umm.. i have no memorable remarks of this song other than hearing it.

MAGDALENA: a lot of passion during this song, and yeahhhh man i wish i could've heard rose instead of it, but i like this one anyway.

BLUE: also a very nice song, i like a lot of the colorations of light with this.. they were... BLUE! surprise, surprise.. and the song was just kind of pure, and yeah.. nice..

WEAK AND POWERLESS: which was exactly as the title stands. JUST KIDDING!!! it was good, but i am tired of hearing it already.

FRED WEARS SLACKS: maynard opened that with asking everyone to remove their pants... it's their rendition of a SNL skit with garth brooks. garth's character says he'll sell his soul for a hit song, and then the devil pops in (played by will ferrell) and gives him all these corny songs. fred's slacks was one of them.

THE NURSE WHO LOVED ME: they did such an awesome version of this. maynard was like, "my wife and brother are TOOL. blah blah blah - the nurse who loved me - vocalist from YEAR OF THE RABBIT co-wrote it, who was in a band called failure - they lived up to the title." HAHA. so the guy from YOTR came out on stage, he started singing the version of the nurse that i love, the first verse, then they went to a darker form of it, and maynard sang the first verse. then it went back to the YOTR guy and he finished the song in its beauty. i really liked it.

ORESTES [alt. lyrics]: mmm... nice.. thought of nick during the song, of course. prefer the original version to this one, but it's still good, and there's still a lot of passion in it.

THINKING OF YOU: i really LOVE the lighting arrangements in this song. like, the "sweeeeeeeeet revelation" part... SO FUCKING AWESOME. i can't explain how it all faded into one another, but it was soo fucking awesome. like, it almost highlighted all of them individually for a moment.

THE PACKAGE: i LOVE how much he said LIE in this instead of on the album, because that sucks so much, but live is sooo fucking amazing!! YEAH!! MAN!! ITS GREAT!!

3 LIBRAS: guess who performed this song correctly this time, ladies and gentlemen? yes, that's right. billy howerdel. no james iha speeding up the opening to such a beautiful song- whose pace was perfect to begin with; THANK YOU! no extra cool lighting for the song this time, but it was awesome either way.

THE OUTSIDER: my fucking GOD. this has to have been the most powerful song of the ENTIRE evening. HOLY SHIT. it was the highlight of the fucking evening. honestly... seeing that song live and getting into it is like the equivalent of bitching the fuck out of some asshole. man! what a thrill. hahaha. they even had the echoes in this! GOD!

GRAVITY: i didn't particularly care for how maynard sang the chorus of this song, other than that i liked it a lot.

THE NOOSE: i didn't notice anything particularly special about this.. but it's a really good song and they did it well live.

JUDITH: closed out with judith once again, so fucking awesome, and i like it a lot. FUCK YOUR GOD! why is there much fucking PASSION during APC? GOD!! FUCK!! I LOVE IT OKAY!! I HAD AN AMAZING TIME!! FUCK!!!!!!!

james iha told some lame jokes.
"where do penguins keep their money?"
"in a snowbank"

"what kind of music do pilgrims listen to?"
"plymouth rock!"

ha ha ha. maynard was saying how the vocalist from YOTR gave the best head on the west coast. and the first thing maynard said to the audience was "uh...... what up, homies?" haha. and he said "this is the real deal! a perfect circle, not dave matthews band!"

and at the very end, twiggy was like :
"JAMES! JAMES! JAMES! JAMES!" so everyone could chant for him. so twiggy left and james went up to the mic and said ".. thanks for coming!"

so anyway, i had an absolutely amazing time!

here's tom with the weather.
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'm glad you had a good time if only i could of come with you.